Our Discovery Dome mobile planetarium has programs for all ages, covering many of the TEKS for Earth and Space Science in grades K - 8 and for Astronomy and Biology in grades 9 - 12.


We have two types of programs: Interactive Educator-Led Star Tours and Full-Dome Immersive Planetarium Shows. Interactive Star Tours mostly use a free open source program called Stellarium. To download Stellarium onto your own computer, click here: The Educator will use this program and others to display stars, constellations, planets, and the moon all around the inside surface of the Dome. He or she will ask the students questions and help them to explore and explain the workings of the universe around us. The Star Tours can vary in length from about 20 min to 60 min, depending on age of participants and what is requested.

The Full-Dome Shows are videos that again are displayed all around the inner surface of the Dome. They are fixed length; the length of each show is noted below. 


Note that you may request different programs, or combinations of programs, for each group in the dome.

Interactive Educator-Led Star Tours

Preschool - Kindergarten Shows

Elementary Shows

Middle-High School & Adult Shows