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Stargazing Pricing and Reservations

Schools, Libraries and Non-Profit Organizations

Note that we will need a large, flat open space away from bright lights such as street lights, building lights, parking lot lights.

Keep away from buildings and trees to allow more view of the sky.

A dark site away from the city is best for viewing faint objects, but most planets, the Moon, and bright constellations will be visible even in the city.

Effective Starting November 1, 2022

1 hour with 1 astronomer and 1 large     telescope     
          +Each additional hour                  
          +Additional Astronomer            

Includes 25 miles round trip from 14002 Owen-Tech Pkwy, Austin, TX 78728



 Or  25 miles round trip from 542 Sanborn Rd, Sanbornton, NH  03269

+Additional mileage 

 $1/per mile

NEW: Due to rising gas prices, we will be adding a $3.00/25 mile fuel surcharge until further notice. Thank you for your understanding.

To reserve a star party visit, fill out and submit our registration form HERE. 


For Corporate Events, please call us at 512-333-4SCI (4724).


* - as of November of 2021, we have been having Monthly Star Parties! Check out our new link to our monthly Star Parties! CLICK HERE!

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