Stargazing Pricing and Reservations

Schools, Libraries and Non-Profit Organizations


Note that we will need a large, flat open space away from bright lights such as street lights, building lights, parking lot lights.

Keep away from buildings and trees to allow more view of the sky.

A dark site away from the city is best for viewing faint objects, but most planets, the Moon, and bright constellations will be visible even in the city.




      1 hour  with 1 astronomer and 1 large telescope               $150 

                                        +Each additional hour                              $100

                                                   +Additional astronomer                           $75/per hour

  Evening (after 6 pm) and weekend Surcharge                    $75


Includes 25 miles round trip from 1779 Wells Branch Pkwy, Austin, TX 78728
 + Additional mileage $1 per mile



To reserve a star party visit, fill out and submit our registration form HERE. 



For Corporate Events, please call us at 512-333-4SCI (4724).