Birthday Parties

Gift them the Stars!!!

Do you have a child who loves science or yearns to be an astronaut or engineer? Well, Stars and Science Austin has the party for them! Check out our STEM-themed birthday parties and let them have a blast. 


All our birthday parties are for ages 6-13. (Although we can modify our parties for teens and adults too!) Extra children beyond the listed limit are $3.00 each. A deposit of $50 is required at the time of the reservation. The remainder is due at the party. 

Scientist Party

Aim for the stars with this bundle that covers all the basics in a one-hour set of themed activities for up to 15 children. The junior scientists will each take home at least one souvenir craft.   

$150 for 1 hour for 15 young scientists. 

Astronaut Party


Shoot for the moon as this deal includes a cozy mobile planetarium that can fit up to 25 children. Our small planetarium needs an INDOOR space at least 16 ft x 20 ft x 9 ft high. Included in this value pack is at least one activity and a souvenir craft for each future astronaut.  

250 for 1 ½ hours for up to 20 junior astronauts. 

Spaceship Captain's Party

Fire your warp drives into the greatest Stars and Science Austin Birthday Party that the Lone Star State offers with this premium package! Our large mobile planetarium requires an INDOOR space at least 20 ft x 24 ft x 13 ft high and can up to 45 children. The party includes at least one activity and a souvenir craft for each junior spaceship captain. 

Party Themes

Monsters and Slime Party

Spooky, Sticky, Gooey Fun! Constellations projected on the wall of your room, and a presenter will tell you spooky constellation stories. Make slime, dry ice and fun including “Boo Bubbles”, sick pumpkin ooze.

Add .50 cent per child materials fee.

Rockets Party

Three, two, one, Blastoff!! Have fun with all kinds of rockets. Make stomp rockets, foam rockets, and balloon rockets. Get ready for a Coke-and-Mentos rocket explosion!

Planets Party

Launch into space to discover our planets! Check out solar system models, make a planet bracelet. See the latest photos and hear the latest info about planets, including our dwarf planet friend Pluto!  

Dinosaur Party:

Explore the ancient world of dinosaurs! Dig for dinosaur “fossils”. Find out what T-rex really looked like. And make a Stegosaurus “hat” to take home.  

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